CodeDiaries Welcome to the CodeDiaries free proxy site. Home of the fastest open source free Web Proxy and free IP:Port Proxy. A fast, reliable and secure proxy network that is free of bots and spammers. Access social networking sites. Bypass firewalls at school, work, office and freely access blocked and banned sites. Witness the devastating speed of the Code Diaries Free proxy network.
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Code Diaries Proxy Network
The fastest, free open-source ip:port and web proxies on the net today.
   Secure, free proxies free of spammers and bots.
  • Bullet fast.
  • Secure servers.
  • Absolutely Free
  • Web proxies.
  • High anon proxies.
Secure, reliable managed servers. No overloading means fast response times and excellent reliability.
Free surfing. When was the last time you used a fast, free proxy server that was not choked by spammers and bots?
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Free Web Proxy

Use one of the fastest and most reliable free web proxies on the web. Works with a majority of sites without any browser configuration. Hide your IP, become anonymous, bypass fire-walls and blocks and hide your browsing history.

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Free IP:Port Proxy - High-Anonymous

For an unrivalled surfing experience setup your browser with this IP:Port proxy. Facebook, hotmail, chat, IM, youtube, video streaming, absolutely everything works on this proxy. Super fast and extremely reliable. This proxy is for human surfing and only and because it is not used by Bots and SEO, it is very fast. You need to configure your proxy settings in browser with the values below from the CodeDiaries free proxy network.




The CodeDiaries proxy network is an Anti-Spam and Anti-Bot network. The proxies use captchas for access and to not allow comment spamming by inspecting the requests. As a result, we are able to give all the bandwidth to human surfers.

The Code Diaries proxy network is a free web-proxy and high-anonymous ip:port proxy network that is run entirely on open-source software. The proxies are run on secure managed servers and the users are regulated by connections and bandwidth. This allows for a responsive and reliable service for all users.

This is a free service and is run at our cost. We pay for the servers and spend countless hours maintaining and writing the software required to run the service. We earn nothing from this service.

The proxies use a combination of bespose C/C++ applications, php scripts and open source software such as apache.

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For fast, free and ultra reliable high-anonymous ip:port proxies and web proxies that are tuned for surfing.  
Project Mugatiya, Uguduwa and Kimbula are distributed under the Apache V2 adn GPL V3 Licenses. They may be freely used and modified in accordance with the license. The author takes no responsibility for the code or the free proxies, or for any kind of loss occuring from the code or free proxies.